Case Study

Using Global Marine assets and experience to deliver a power cable solution in Venezuela

Case Study Venezuela

In 2014, Global Marine’s offshore installation vessel, C.S. Sovereign, was chartered by joint venture partner S.B. Submarine Systems to install a power cable system for end customer, LS Cable & System, linking Margarita Island with the Venezuelan mainland. 

C.S. Sovereign

Case Study Venezuela

Services Provided

  • Cable loaded onto the ship’s cable tank via powered spool ashore
  • Direct shore end installation
  • Surface lay of 30km AC 230KV XLPE
  • Surface lay of 30km AC 230KV XLPE with integrated fibre optic cable
  • Post lay inspection & burial of the two laid power cables plus two additional power cables previously laid
  • Burial distance of 60km
  • Seamless shore end installation 

Project Overview

  • Vessel: C.S. Sovereign
  • Submersible: Atlas Cable
  • Length: 60km
  • Water depth: 31m
  • Location: Venezuela 

"I am very impressed with Global Marine’s performance overall, and it’s people in particular. The efforts of the team to resolve each of the problems has been marvellous and respectful."
Tulip Zang
Senior Project Manager, SBSS

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