The capabilities of Global Marine Systems vessels

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

As a world-class provider of subsea services, including oil & gas cables and telecom solutions, Global Marine Systems requires a diverse fleet of ships, capable of undertaking any difficult task.

At present, Global Marine Systems operates seven ships around the world, all with varying capabilities, tools and mission objectives. The vessels are purpose-built for cable maintenance and installation operations and are highly capable in both deep and shallow waters.

For any cable laying or subsea task, the Global Marine Systems fleet can handle it. Here are the ships that are currently in service around the globe.

Cable Retriever

Based in the far east, the Retriever is an all-purpose vessel equipped with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). She is capable of the repair and maintenance of deep sea cables and is currently working full time on maintenance contracts in the South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement (SEAIOCMA) for companies who own cables in the regional waters.

Pacific Guardian

Stationed in Curacao, the Pacific Guardian is another all-purpose ship designed for ROV deployment and cable operations. At 115m long, the vessel has a reduced draft that allows her to work in much shallower conditions than many of the world's cable maintenance vessels.

Wave Venture and Wave Sentinel

The Wave Sentinel and Wave Venture were converted in 1999 to cable laying and multi-purpose offshore vessels. These ships are capable of complex offshore construction projects.

Both are currently used for cable maintenance – the Sentinel is part of the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA) and the Venture part of the North American Zone (NAZ) for companies who own cables in those waters.

Additionally, the Wave Venture has carried out complex subsea observatory maintenance works in Canada.

Cable Innovator

Designed for a diverse range of industry operations, Cable Innovator can provide a storage capacity of nearly 4,900 cubic metres, with a cable capacity of 7,500 tonnes. Unlike most other cable laying vessels, this gives the Innovator a vast operational cable laying range.

She is a DP2 vessel equipped with the Atlas 1 ROV for cable working in both deep and shallow water and has done extensive work in Oil and Gas, including the installation of offshore communications networks at Breagh a, Nohoch and Takin fields.


Networker is designed specifically for shallow water services in the Asia Pacific, and is one of the largest developed cable working barges.


Similar to Cable Innovator, the Sovereign has an open deck capable of deploying a number of subsea vehicles. She is a multi-role DP2 vessel capable of undertaking both maintenance and installation operations.

Sovereign has also performed extensive work in the oil & gas sector, including cable installations at Jude, Valhall and Clyde fields.

Global Marine is a leading provider of engineering and underwater services, providing subsea cable installation, maintenance and burial services around the world. With a fleet of vessels and specialised subsea equipment, we bring a 160 year legacy in deep and shallow water cable operations.


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