How fibre optic cables can benefit offshore oil fields

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Working on offshore oil & gas platforms used to mean cutting off communication from the mainland for months at a time, operating independently with crew members.

Advances in communication technologies - specifically subsea cables - has changed that, making communication simple and instantaneous. No longer do workers on oil platforms have to communicate by two-way radio with suboptimal signals.

Companies such as Global Marine Systems are able to develop, lay and maintain these offshore communications cables by using a range of technologies developed originally for the telecommunications industry. These technologies are highly advanced, and can vary in function and capability to best suit your requirements, whether they be connecting multiple platforms or connecting offshore fields to onshore operations.

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for example, is able to dive to extreme depths and carry out maintenance work on a cable. For physical laying, a trencher can cut into seabed rock and bury cables for protection. These types of technologies have brought about a shift in how communications networks work, as services such as broadband data and video calling are enabled on remote ocean platforms.

Companies choosing to adopt offshore data networks can see substantial benefits, including operating efficiencies previously unattainable. Companies installing the networks have found staff on the platforms can be reduced by 25 per cent in most cases, while a reduction in offshore operating costs can also be achieved.

Providers such as Global Marine Systems are the best option for companies deciding to install these data network cables, as long-term network security and cable protection are ensured. Due to Global Marine's vast experience in the field (over 150 years of cable installation!), cables are laid on time and without damages.

Companies will need to consider the benefits of subsea cables in the near future, as the advantages for offshore fields are hard to ignore in terms of safety, risk and optimised operations.

Global Marine Systems has a comprehensive background in engineering and subsea services. The company specialises in providing fibre-based data networks for oil & gas and telecommunications cable systems, continually leading in design and engineering around the world.

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