Global Marine Systems Announces the Addition Of XT600 Trenching System To Its Subsea Cable Fleet

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Global Marine Systems Announces the Addition Of XT600 Trenching System To Its Subsea Cable Fleet

Singapore – 16 April, 2013 – Global Marine Systems announced the addition of a ForumTM XT 600 Trenching System to its subsea cable fleet. The XT600 is a purpose-built system that allows Global Marine to significantly enhance performance across the full range of demandsubsea cable maintenance activities including trenching and survey tasks. The equipment is the latest evolution to the highly successful Triton series of subsea cable maintenance vehicles, and is supplied by Forum Energy Technologies.

The XT600 operates in both tracked and free-fly, and has a depth capability of 2000m. It is powered by 600 horsepower, delivering over 500 horsepower to the jetting functions for more efficient subsea cable burial. The XT600 buries and de-trenches subsea cable up to three metres deep. The system is designed with a light and compact frame, with strength capability that allows operations in up to sea state 6 on the Beaufort scale.

The XT600 Trenching system will be installed on the
Global Marine vessel Cable Retriever, and will be used exclusively for submarine cable repair and burial
work for the South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement (SEAIOCMA). SEAIOCMA renewed submarine cable maintenance contracts with Global Marine in 2012, and the agreement is in effect through 2017.

“This is a fantastic leap forward in terms of cable maintenance capability in Asia,” stated John Walters, Global Marine’s Director of Maintenance. “The new XT600 allows our cable ships to offer better protection for submarine cables by burying them deeper and faster than before. The XT600 represents a major enhancement to the level of service we can provide to our SEAIOCMA customers, and demonstrates Global Marine’s on-going commitment to provide the optimum technical solution to our customers.”

SEAIOCMA provides submarine cable maintenance spanning the Indian Ocean from an area between Djibouti in the west, Perth, Australia in the south, the US island of Guam in the east and the northern tip of Taiwan. The agreement provides for the repair and maintenance of subsea telecommunications cables in the event of cable damage by ship anchors, fishing, tsunami’s and earthquake’s. Ships based in Singapore, the Philippines and India are ready to respond within 24 hours in the event of a disruption to telecommunications traffic.

About Global Marine Systems

Global Marine Systems, Ltd. is a leading provider of engineering and underwater services, responding to the subsea cable installation, maintenance and burial requirements of our customers around the world. With a fleet of vessels and specialized subsea trenching and burial equipment, we bring a 160 year legacy in deep and shallow water cable operations. Global Marine offers cost effective solutions with consistently high service standards for our customers.

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