Global Marine celebrates the 20-year anniversary of establishing Chinese joint venture, S. B. Submarine Systems

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Global Marine Systems Limited and China Communication Services Corporation Limited,  mark the 20th anniversary of their joint venture partnership, S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd (SBSS), which was originally formed in Shanghai in January 1995.

The partnership was created to support the growing demands of the telecommunications market in Asia.  With this accomplished, SBSS went on to establish a strong footing in both the oil & gas and offshore energy sectors in the region.  Today SBSS is recognised as China’s leading installer of submarine cables, having played a key role in more than 90 of Asia’s major telecommunications, oil & gas and power utility infrastructure projects.

Since SBSS’s inauguration, Global Marine has worked closely with it at all levels to ensure its success.  Together they currently support the maintenance of nearly 380,000km of globally installed telecommunications cable and this shared commitment to provide innovative subsea solutions has led to numerous joint installation projects.

Ian Douglas, CEO, Global Marine said: “The twentieth anniversary of SBSS is a significant milestone and everyone at Global Marine should be proud of the achievements that our partnership with China Telecom and its subsequent affiliates has achieved.   The company was created to support the growth of submarine telecommunications on the Chinese coast and has since become the leading player in Asia, installing over 41,000km of cable, and being entrusted to provide maintenance services to the majority of telecoms cable owners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Working closely with Global Marine, the team at SBSS has pioneered developments such as deep-burial to protect our customers’ cable from intensive fishing activities in the region and has led the way in applying their expertise, engineering capabilities and resources in both oil and gas and the offshore power industries throughout the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our joint venture partners for their support over the last twenty years and to applaud the management team of SBSS for their achievements.  I am honoured to have spent part of my career at SBSS and look forward to watching their continued growth and success.”


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