Cable Protection Assessment

Global Marine Group are highly experienced in submarine cable deployment and maintenance. Through our long involvement with the sector we have amassed an unrivalled understanding of cable fault causes.

A Cable Protection Assessment (CPA) aims to analyse an in-service cable system that has either experienced an unusually high fault rate, or the integrity of the cable is thought to have been damaged. This is usually due to unexpected environmental conditions or changes in the pattern of human activity over the cable. In many cases this challenging environment will only have come to light after the installation of the cable.

The CPA uses all of the information available about an in-service cable system to describe the potential root cause of faults and propose solutions for preventing them in the future. It aims to provide peace of mind to all commercial and technical staff at all system purchaser levels that the new cable protection strategy has been designed with complete knowledge of the risks the system faces and that all possible steps have been taken to mitigate those risks.

Recent Experience

Reviewing multiple cable faults in a high-current area in the Philippines and proposing several mitigation scenarios.



Description of the cable system and aim of the report

Data Analysis

A review of the key hazards and risks exposed to the cable and an analysis of all available data. This may include information from the original desk top study, survey data, installation and repair reports and Global Marine Group’s worldwide cable fault database.

Remedial Options

A discussion of various protection measures applicable to the cable including a summary of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.


Supporting documentation, data and detailed overview charts.

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