UJ Cable Qualification

Universal Joint Cable Qualification

The Universal Joint (UJ) and the Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) provide an industry recognised solution for the repair of fibre optic cable.  It is essential that a cable is qualified so that appropriate tool kits can be prepared and to ensure its compatibility to the UJ or UQJ solution.

Global Marine qualify cables to assess their suitability to work with Universal Joint technology. Each cable type is characterised and bespoke piece parts are designed and manufactured. The joint containing the cable or cable combination is then rigorously tested to a common specification in the Test House to simulate shipboard deployment and requisite oceanographic conditions. Following success completion, a Qualification Certificate is issued to the customer and that cable (or cable combination) is included in the list of qualified cables and toolkits. End-specific kits and then constructed and  manuals are produced.

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Qualification offers a global standard and is a common approach to the repair of submarine cables. A qualified cable will have a unique instructions and a bespoke toolkit so it can be repaired anywhere in the world, by any company employing qualified personnel.

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