UJ Jointer Training

Universal Joint Jointer Training

The Global Marine Jointer Training School is a Universal Joint Consortium (UJC) Accredited Training School, and as such offers a complete range of training and qualifications for the Universal Joint (UJ) and Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) and all supported UJ and UQJ cables. Courses are offered for the basic UJ or UQJ (or both) training and also for specific cable technologies.

Global Marine is able to tailor the training to your specific requirements for example, if your company has a cable system employing perhaps three different cable types, then your nominated jointers will require the basic training and cable specific training for only those three cables and not for the complete range available.

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Jointers are required to pass examinations to qualify as UJ/UQJ jointers and are issued with certificates following their success. UJ/UQJ qualification is time limited and re-qualification courses are offered when the qualification periods end.

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