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Universal Joint Tools & Equipment

Global Marine is the market leader in the development of fibre-based cable jointing technology and provides tools and equipment to customers around the globe, that are compatible with their specific Universal Joint (UJ) and Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) requirements.

There are two distinctive types of tools available standard equipment, which can be used across all joints, identified as ‘common equipment’ and bespoke equipment known as end-specific.   Common equipment for UJ & UQJ technology includes the jointing benches, presses and general toolkits. Because the technology for preparing each cable type is different, there is an end-specific toolkit for each cable type.

The complete joint assembly will be carried out using a combination of the common tooling and the end-specific toolkits. All the toolkits are packaged in individual cases with foam cut-outs containing each tool  which both offers protection and ensure that specific groups of tools remain together.

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