Subsea Equipment


‚ÄčThe Q1400 Trenching system has the capability to perform jet trenching in soils of up to 100 KPA and mechanical chain cutting of soils of up to 250 KPA. The system consists of a “common trenching module” and separate tracked “jetting and mechanical cutting skids” with a customised launch and recovery system (LARS) rated to Lloyds sea state 6. A deck-transfer skidding system enables safe mode changes at sea without craneage.


Global Marine has extended its subsea capability with the Q1000 jet trenching ROV. The submersible compliments the existing burial equipment portfolio and is designed for pre and post-lay trenching as well as simultaneous lay and burial in the offshore subsea cable sectors. 

Atlas Series

The Atlas Series provide powerful, state of the art cable working ROVs, designed for both cable maintenance, post lay and inspection roles. With 300kW of installed power, Atlas has substantial cable intervention and burial capability and a range down to 2,000 metres water depth.

Atlas has been used in numerous installation and repair projects including TAT 14; FLAG, where a repair was needed to a stretch of 1km of cable; as well as providing PLIB cable survey and inspection work on the Valhall Clyde project.

ST200 Series

Free swimming remotely operated vehicles has established the benchmark for modern cable working ROVs. This flexible system can operate in both free swimming and tracked mode. Depth rated to 2,500 metres and a burial depth of up to 1.5 metres, this package provides a cost effective solution for all subsea cable tasks. Track record achievements include: providing survey and inspection work on the AJC project, completing burial and mattressing work on BP GoM FON, undertaking PLIB for PC 1 South and carrying out repeater replacement on EAC1 Seg K.

XT600 Trenching System

The XT600 is the latest evolution of subsea cable maintenance vehicles. It is a purpose-built system that allows Global Marine to significantly enhance performance across the full range of demanding subsea cable maintenance, trenching and survey work. With 600HP, the XT600 buries subsea cable up to 3 metres deep, and in water depths up to 2,000 metres.


Injector is a powerful deep burial installation jetting tool.  The package is able to fluidise seabed soil, enabling deep cable and flexible pipe burial with minimal residual tension.  Shallow water systems are often designed to bury to a depth of 2 metres, however Injector can provide far greater protection with the capability to reach a burial depth of 12 metres.


Rocksaw is a unique rock-trenching tool designed to operate from our specialist cable installation barges.  The system is driven by a 1100HP hydraulic power pack and is capable of excavation in a wide range of bedrock types up to 60 MPa. Rocksaw is capable of burial to a depth of 4 metres in rock, operating within diver limitations.


Global Marine’s range of Hi Ploughs meet the demand for deeper burial, and represent the latest in deep-water plough technology, operating to a depth of 2,000 metres.  Each Hi Plough has 500kW of jetting power to reduce the active tow tensions and can be fitted with either a 2 metre plough share or a 3.25 metre injector share. An established record of accomplishment, recognised industry wide for achieving deep cable burial and protection.

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