Staff Profiles

Stuart Wilson

Stuart Wilson – Installation

I have worked for Global Marine Systems Limited since 2000. In my current role I am responsible for my team’s production of cable route studies, the commissioning and management of marine route surveys as well as delivering internal training courses in Desk Top Study, Survey and Route Engineering.

In a past role I managed the Global Marine Maintenance Service, which involved the project management of over 50 cable repairs and short-term ship charters. I have had the opportunity to manage remedial burial and survey works on the Princess Amalia (Q7) and Egmond aan Zee Offshore (OWEZ) North Sea Wind farms, cable damage inspection, seal and survey, and PLIB works on the NorNed HVDC interconnector cable between Norway and the Netherlands. I have also been the lead on several US Department of Defence and US Navy cable repair projects.

One of my biggest challenges was the installation of a 199km telecoms cable installation project linking Sovetskaya Gavan, Russia and Ilinskij on Sakhalin Island across the Gulf of Tartary. I’ve produced desk top studies for leading worldwide submarine cable operators such as BT, Hibernia Atlantic, Cable and Wireless, and Reliance Globalcom. Previously I led Global Marine’s route engineering services for major European power cable projects such as Kentish Flats, Sheringham Shoal, London Array and Gwynt y Môr windfarms. Recently I have been working on oil and gas telecom platform connections in the North Sea managing both the marine surveys and route engineering.

Having gained my BSc (Hons) Surveying and Mapping Sciences and HND in Construction Management before joining Global Marine, I have been given the opportunity to continue my personal and professional development by not only attending a number of training workshops, but also by being encouraged and supported by Global Marine to achieve a formal qualification with the Association for Project Management.

Outside of work I am married with a young family which keep me busy, but during the personal time I do find, I am a keen scuba diver having visited many sites at home in the UK and worldwide.

Darren Lam – Installation

Working out of the Singapore office I am an engineer by training and have been a Project Manager for most of my career. I graduated with a BEng (Hon) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MSc in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an MBA, and since joining Global Marine I became a Certified Project Management Professional with Project Management Institute in 2006.
Many perceive me as being a workaholic, but the truth is that with so many challenges and opportunities arising on a daily basis there is always something to learn and seldom is there a dull moment and these keep me motivated.
Before joining Global Marine, I was an Engineering Officer with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. I took up a scholarship with the Ministry of Defence and then joined Global Marine when the scholarship’s bond ended in 2006 after 17 years of service. One of the main reasons that attracted me to Global Marine was the equal opportunity system that opened the door-way to an industry, which I had no prior knowledge of.
Since then, Global Marine has invested greatly in me with professional training and mentoring and as a result I am able to contribute significantly when working with my colleagues across the world, achieving notable successes delivering key projects. On one occasion when we were installing a submarine fibre optic cable for an oil and gas customer - the project experienced a series of unforeseen operational challenges during the earlier stages. However the team remained committed to our objective and with a unified spirit we successfully turned around the project and delivered a successful installation. The sense of achievement felt by the team at the end of each successful project is infectious, one that I love and continue to enjoy sharing with my fellow colleagues, and of course with my family.  

Darren Lam
Tim Hurst

Tim Hurst – Fleet & Operational Support

After leaving school I went to college to study a GNVQ in business studies and after a couple of summers as a sailing instructor, I started a cadetship at Warsash Maritime Academy in 1998 and served on the Cable Ship Iris. After leaving in 2003 to gain further experience I worked on cross channel ferries, a cruise ship and super yachts for the Saudi Royal family all as a deck officer. I returned to Global Marine after a few years and am now using the experience in the role of Fleet HR Manager.
Being an ex-seafarer working ashore at Global Marine, I have developed from a seafarer to a shore manager in 4 years, I have been encouraged to bring some of my seafaring knowledge and experience gained on our vessels into the business. During this time I have also achieved a Diploma in Crew Management and am currently studying towards a professional qualification with the CIPD.
I am particularly proud of the work I have done on the new fleet Competency Assurance system (CASYS) as it has been an exciting project and I am very much looking forward to rolling this system out across the fleet.
What I do now is very different to what I did as a deck officer. However I benefit from regular visits to  our fleet of cable ships and being welcomed on board when I get the opportunity. I like the fact that the combination of my experience and current role enables me to be the bridge between the office and the seafarers out there on the vessels - I am in a position where I can change people’s lives on board and that is very rewarding.

Dave Dunk – Maintenance

I joined Global Marine (formally Cable and Wireless Marine) in 1989, I had just completed an apprenticeship with the Electricity Board and had been a power cable jointer for the board for about one year - being 21 years old, I was extremely keen.
Working with Global Marine gave me the opportunity to travel extensively visiting Japan, Guam, Philippines, Taiwan and the USA. I have sailed the Pacific, Atlantic and south China seas and been through the Panama Canal. Whilst working on the repair ship Seaspread in 1997 I met my wife, who was deck officer on board. We have be together ever since and have two young girls.
I left Global Marine becoming a Police Officer for Essex Police in 2005 - what an eye opener that was. I can only describe my job as “anything to do with human nature and a bit more”. It is amazing what goes on even in the small towns of Essex. However with my two girls growing up I decided to return to Global Marine as a jointing instructor in 2008.
Since returning I have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of people whom I hold in great esteem.  Jim Lucey, who introduced me into this business all those years ago, Spike Johns, my long time dive buddy and now my fitness/training partner to name but a few.
I am very passionate about Global Marine. I have been with Global Marine now for 17 years of which 10 years were spent at sea. I certainly have an affinity to the company as it has influenced my life in so many ways. Yes, there are challenging days but, overall I can say that working for Global Marine is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue a career in an exciting and vibrant industry.

Dave Hunk

Sam Moncur - Sales and Commercial

It was my love of business which led to pursuing a career at Global Marine systems, after graduating with a 2.1 honours degree in Equine studies and Business Management.

Global Marine has offered me opportunities that few other businesses could; I originally held the position of Subsea and Cable Coordinator which allowed me to be involved in many parts of the business. I was always encouraged to explore and learn about other departments and given the opportunity to expand my skills and training - this led to me holding my current position as a trainee proposals engineer.

I enjoy my job and working at Global Marine for many reasons, the company not only offers the opportunity for constant development, but the people here make the working environment an enjoyable one. As a company Global Marine have also allowed me to take the skills I learnt whilst studying and use them in a practical environment, whilst still developing as an individual.

Sam Moncur
Dave Wareham

Dave Wareham – Facilities

Before I joined Global Marine, I worked for a well-known department store as a Stock Movement Assistant. I didn’t see myself working my way up there as everyday seemed to be the same and as a result I was always looking for ways to expand my knowledge in something I wanted to do and to gain quality life experience.
Luckily, a job at Global Marine came up which suited my skills and gave me much more opportunity to progress. My role at Global Marine is a Stores Assistant and I work as part of an excellent facilities team. My day to day tasks are different every day so my knowledge is growing and I am learning new things all the time. Global Marine has really given me the opportunity to progress my career, undertaking all varieties of courses such as, fork lift training, high reach training, cherry picking, catering training, PAT testing training, and most recently a plumbing course which I complete at weekends.
I have always been keen about football and managed to live out my dream in my younger years. As a teen, I played for Colchester United FC and continue to play semi professional football outside of work. I have played in a quarter final of the FA youth cup with minnows Colchester and lost to local rivals Ipswich who were eventually winners. Along the way we beat much bigger opposition like Chelsea and Cardiff and favourites Crewe.

I am very grateful to Global Marine for giving me the opportunity to develop and grow within the company. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and learning about this unique industry and look forward to continuous progression within the business.

Iain Moncur – Fleet & Operational Support

Before starting at Global Marine Systems Limited I was an apprentice at Marconi communications, which then progressed to a career as a linesman for British Telecom. I joined Cable & Wireless Marine in 1987, now Global Marine, as a jointer, after seeing an advert in the Yellow Advertiser newspaper in the Chelmsford BT exchange asking for Fibre optic jointers. The advert mentioned overseas travel and had a picture of a desert island, I was sold instantly.
The first ship I worked on for the company was the old Cable Retriever in Singapore. This then lead to completing many installations and repairs on most of the company vessels, installations including, PTAT, APCN, APCN2, FLAG – a total of 12 years at sea.
The most interesting project I was a part of was building a joint for the FLAG system on a beach in Suez, Egypt in the middle of a mine field. The longest repair I was involved in was on the Cable Enterprise, repairing a coax system when 40 plus miles of cable had been lost, buried or destroyed by a undersea earthquake, taking a total of 6 weeks to repair. I have worked and taught in many countries in the world working with different cultures and peoples.
After my time as sea I came into office as a Jointing Instructor at the Jointing Training School in Chelmsford working with internal and external students. I was then promoted to Jointing Systems Engineer and then again to my present role as Jointing Systems Manager.
The day to day running of fleet jointing includes constant reviews of equipment and personnel for the company. I also lead the recruitment of new jointing personnel such as POTS, JSTS. In addition I also project manage jointing installation, personal and jointing repair work to other companies.
Outside the office my hobbies include carp fishing, trying to keep fit and being a retained fire fighter for Essex Fire and Rescue.

Iain Moncor
Steve Holden

Steve Holden – Maintenance

I am fortunate to have over 29 years’ experience in the submarine cable and telecommunication industries; firstly at Cable & Wireless Marine (Global Marine's predecessor) where in addition to ten years at sea as a Submarine Cable Technician and Cable Engineer I also oversaw the construction and inauguration of the Batangas Cable Depot in the Philippines. This was followed by various operational and commercial roles in the old Cable & Wireless Marine Head office in Chelmsford. I am particularly proud to have won the competition to name the Mariners, our esteemed in house dining establishment!

After getting married I left Global Marine in 1999 for the bright lights of London I joined a fledgling Level 3 Communications Inc. where I subsequently spent ten years in various project management, operational and support roles. These ranged from managing the installation of new submarine cables to running the European arm of the engineering support function, in addition I also undertook network migrations, system and data audits and latterly became responsible for all the Submarine O&M, including various owned and consortium cables.  However the train ride into London lost its appeal and in 2009 I re-joined Global Marine to manage the recently awarded 2009 Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA) contract and the Management Committee (MC) roles associated with the expiring Guardian Maintenance and North American Zone (NAZ) contracts. I led the successful 2012 ACMA renewal and the award of the NAZ maintenance contract to GMSL, the latter the first time a non US company had won the contract for over 20 years.  

For the past 12 years I have been actively involved in all aspects of cable protection and related offshore liaison activities and I’m presently on the executive committee of both the International Cable Projection Committee (ICPC) and Submarine Cables UK (SCUK) cable protection committees. I am also the main Global Marine representative for both the North America Submarine Cable Association (NASCA) and Submarine Cable Improvement Group (SCIG).  Having worked for both suppliers and maintenance authorities and experienced both marine and terrestrial working environments, I have a good practical grasp of the industry and its many internal/external environment and commercial challenges.

Throughout my career I have looked to develop and via many evenings and weekends of study and assessment’s I am now the proud owner of a Certificate and a Diploma in Management from the Open University. Even after many decades I still love all things submarine, in particular the travel; often to exotic places. I love the team approach at Global Marine and the ability to champion the customer cause, something close to my heart.

Wayne Smith – Installation

After graduating from university in 2004, my career began as a Civil Engineer. A few years later I took on a project engineering role with a global Oil and Gas service company giving me the opportunity to travel and to work on some very interesting projects with many different organisations. Most recently I worked for Saipem in London as a Project & Installation Engineer and was involved in several high profile projects within the North Sea, which was a great experience.

Since joining Global Marine last year as a Project Engineer, every day comes with new challenges; from producing engineering solutions & calculations and getting involved in front end work on mobilisations to writing procedures and liaising with the vessels and other internal departments – I’m enjoying the opportunity to work with all elements of the business. The company has a great foundation and I hope to add some real value and play a part in the future success of the business. Just recently I have been working on the successful T & I of a subsea structure in the North Sea; with my previous experience and knowledge this is something that the company will undertake more of in the future.

With the support of the company, I have recently obtained my engineering professional qualification and am now an Incorporate Engineer with the IMarEST. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with the family and engaging in various competitive sports. 

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