Case Study

Integrating communications for a gas production and processing development in the Asia region

Global Marine was subcontracted by Saipem to install a 72km pre-laid shore end fibre optic communications cable in Papua New Guinea in 2012.  

Approximately 24km of the 72km length of the cable was laid within the Omati River before entering the sea. 

The operation formed part of the ExxonMobil PNG Liquefied Natural Gas EPC2 Offshore Pipeline Project, with the cable running alongside and parallel to recently installed pipeline.  

The cable was buried to depths of 1m for approximately 50km of the 72km total length with the injector burial tool, and the remaining 22km was surface laid within the pipeline trench.



The cable was to be laid at a minimum distance of 20m from the existing pipeline however the shallow waters and strong currents meant that there was restricted manoeuvrability in the water.

In particular, the first 24km of the lay was inside a narrow and shallow river which was only navigable through a pre-dredged 40m wide access channel. 

Networker is the first purpose-built cable-working barge in South East Asia and is specifically designed to provide shallow water expertise.

Her all-electric drive ensured maximum flexibility and control during this narrow corridor cable installation operation. 

Project Overview

  • Vessel: Networker
  • Location:  Papua New Guinea
  • Length: 72km
  • Submersible: Injector
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