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Route Survey services from subsea cable experts

The cable route survey normally uses the route created during the desk top study phase and carries out a dedicated marine hydrographic survey along a route corridor.

The survey is used to confirm the route is suitable and to gather the detailed information which enables the final route engineering to be undertaken.

Through our experience and expertise we provide survey solutions which are tailored to the requirements of the project, using the most advanced survey tools and equipment to determine the nature and topology of the seabed.

The marine survey typically uses geophysical survey tools such as echosounders, sonar, sub bottom profilers, and magnetometers combined with geotechnical sampling to provide a comprehensive set of data which is charted and incorporated into our cable routing GIS software.

The survey data is interpreted and used to complete burial assessments which help determine the best burial tools and cable protection measures for the system, combined with the knowledge gained from the desk top study on the likely sources and nature of risks to the cable.

Global Marine provide survey representatives to ensure the survey works meet the survey specification and to undertake in field routing decisions and engineering when required.

Recent Experience

  • Completion of the cable route survey and burial assessment for the BT Highlands and Islands project for 20 inter-island cables connecting the west coast and Orkney in Scotland. This project involved managing a survey program involving up to five survey vessels, conducting geophysical and geotechnical surveys in a challenging offshore environment.

  • Cable route surveys and burial assessments for over 200km interplatform oil and gas connections. These surveys for our Tampnet projects in the North Sea are helping to ensure their cable systems are well designed secure and deliver reliable high bandwidth communications to major oil and gas operators.

  • Cable route surveys for the Uninett system in Svalbard, connecting Longyearbyen to Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic Circle. This project involved overcoming the specific engineering challenges posed by icebergs and shore based ice as well as the site safety risks the topographic survey teams faced from polar bears and a highly remote location.

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