Q1000 jet trencher


​Global Marine has extended its subsea capability with the Q1000 jet trenching ROV. The submersible compliments the existing burial equipment portfolio and is designed for pre and post-lay trenching as well as simultaneous lay and burial in the offshore subsea cable sectors. With 1000hp of total installed and variable jetting power, the ROV is suitable for trenching pipelines, umbilicals and cables to a burial depth of 3m at speeds of 400m per hour.



The Q1000 in action



Submersible Statistics

Depth rating 1,000m
Weight 24t in air with tracks - 22t in air with skids
Length 5.5m tracked - 5m with skids
Width 5.0m
Height 3.1m
Burial depth Up to 3m (depending on seabed conditions)
Burial speed Up to 400m per hour in favourable conditions
Seabed type Fine sand to firm clay
Max product diameter 500mm

Key Features

  • Latest jet trenching and ROV design
  • 750kW of total installed power provided by 2 electric motors
  • 4 x vertical, 2 x horizontal and 4 x balanced Curvetech HTE500 thrusters
  • Robust Launch & Recovery System (LARS) designed for Sea State 6, which has seen significant improvements, including higher sea state and improved safety during launch and recovery
  • TSS Dual Track 440 cable detection and tracking system
  • Highly flexible and easily configured for use with either tracks or skids
  • Optimised for multiple soils, sands and clays
  • Optional pressure and flow rate setups
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Eductor or back fill system available
Q1000 Subsea ROV

The Q1000 jet trenching ROV is used in these markets...

Offshore Renewables

Offshore Renewables

Markets we work in

Global Marine has been involved in the installation of fibre optic and power cables for the offshore energy sector since the conception of the industry.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Markets we work in

We are in a prime position in delivering a wide variety of innovative cabling solutions and subsea projects to the oil and gas sector.

Telecommunications cables


Markets we work in

High speed communication networks are a standard commodity keeping the world connected, we specialise in offering a total subsea solution.

Subsea Cable Maintenance


What we do

Providing subsea cable maintenance services to almost 100 customers around the globe to keep their fibre optic cable systems operational.

Desk Top Study

Desk Top Study

What we do

Cable route desk top study (DTS) is a key part of the initial planning phase of a submarine cable system detailing the influences on cable route safety.

Total Subsea Solutions

Total Subsea Solution Provider

What we do

Offering a comprehensive set of services and a total subsea engineering solution for the life of an underwater system. 

Oil & Gas Telecoms Offshore Renewables Power Deep Sea Research