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PGU Training services

Submarine cable systems employing switchable, powered branching units can be hazardous to repair as the system power could be reā€applied under certain fault conditions, thus endangering the lives of the repair personnel. Global Marine’s Protection Grounding Unit (PGU) technology enables cable systems to be repaired safely and without risk to personnel.

Training in this area is imperative and Global Marine has developed a training course that provides a detailed understanding of the technology and the practical skills required to manage cable work of this nature.

PGU training is carried out at Global Marine’s Training School based in Chelmsford, UK run by qualified instructors and at the end of the course, students will be skilled in all PGU techniques and will be capable of carrying out a PGU repair on any of the cables qualified for PGU.

Periodically, students will be required to take ‘refresher’ courses to confirm their understanding of PGU and to learn about new additions to the technology. The course concludes with a written examination to confirm that the students fully understand PGU and all its safety implications.

Global Marine also offer offers a comprehensive PGU package, which includes:

  • Re-commissioning of the PGU alarm system & audit of the PGU tooling
  • Training for the operational personnel (cable engineers, deck supervisors, cable jointers & crew). This includes theory training and most importantly, a deck exercise where cable is actually moved through the vessel
  • Technical Support support for 2 years, which includes free updates to PGU procedures

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