Personnel Provision

Subsea installation personnel and specialists

With a heritage that spans 165 years, Global Marine has built its foundations on the skills and capabilities of its staff.  A staff group that has a diverse and complementary set of abilities.

Global Marine has some of the best talent within the marine, telecoms, oil & gas and deep sea research sectors and our talent is available for hire.  We are able to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently to help meet your business goals.

Whether your requirement is for seafaring personnel or shore side technical experts, we have solutions that will resolve your staffing situation and add value to the outcome of your project.

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We provide

  • Highly qualified personnel available to work around the globe
  • Fully trained staff whether cable jointers, officers, or subsea equipment operators.
  • Staff with an extensive understanding of QHSE standards and expectations
  • A complete service including the management of all travel arrangements and visa documentation
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