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Global Marine’s permitting department is responsible for obtaining and assisting with any consents, licences, permits or other permissions for the cable industry, oil and gas exploration, scientific research and all other marine activities which are undertaken by Global Marine. Such permits are subject to an array of legislative requirements, particular to each country, which can be complicated by international, national and local legislation.

We are unique in what we offer

Global Marine’s permitting service can be tailored to specific needs, from provision of permitting input for desk top studies and cable route studies, to the support in obtaining all necessary permits for a marine project. We have extensive experience and knowledge within the industry and also hold a live database of all coastal nation’s permitting requirements and specific legislation which is managed and maintained constantly.

Permitting feasibility studies can be carried out to investigate requirements and legislation in more difficult areas of the world and provide an accurate idea of any issues that may arise in those regions.

Within the desk top study, any permitting requirements are outlined, along with any contacts, relevant information and legislation and specific details to allow the permitting process to commence. This ensures customers are kept well informed of any and all requirements as and when they arise.


We offer an experienced and knowledgeable permitting team that has worked on numerous projects worldwide. Recent projects include:

  • Full system permitting management service for the Hannibal Cable System, connecting Tunisia to Sicily.
  • SGSCS (Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System). All Permits in principle were obtained for the system connecting Trinidad to Suriname to Guyana, passing through Venezuelan waters. This project posed unique challenges because no cables had ever been laid on some of the installation target areas. Complex environmental studies were therefore necessary.
  • Obtaining cable maintenance permits under consortiums such as ACMA, SEAIOCMA, NAZ and private zone agreements as well as other emergency cable maintenance permits.
  • Other subsea activities including marine survey, ordnance disposal, rock dumping and mattressing.
  • Numerous other cable installation projects around the world.

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