Offshore Liaison

Offshore liaison services for cable engineering

Offshore Liaison is key to maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders of the sea.  Promoting close working relationships ensures continued business success for all parties and achieves a collaborative approach.

Global Marine’s Offshore Liaison service actively promotes and facilitates channels of communication between our customers, subsea users, and governmental marine agencies in order to minimise submarine cable related incidents and to promote submarine cable awareness. As a company, we encourage an honest and open dialogue between seabed users and we aim to understand the historical, commercial and legal privileges of all.

Through awareness campaigns and in particular dialogue with fishermen, other marine bodies – and more recently vessel insurers - we promote the safe and effective use of the seabed for all users.

As active members of the United Kingdom, North American and International Cable Protection Committees, we help to shape the legal frameworks relating to subsea use – and specifically how such frameworks might affect submarine cables.

Of the 2811 fibre optic cable system failures that we know of globally, over 62% of all faults can be directly attributed to human activities. The impact of human activities can be broken down as follows 61% are connected to fishing activity, 26% are caused by vessel anchor damage and 13% can attributed to other third party interaction.

The introduction of the Automated Identification Systems (AIS) allows online alerts and identification of ships in proximity to cables giving real time data to cable owners further mitigating risk and minimising system downtime.

This service forms part of Global Marine’s ‘Toolbox’ supporting cable owners investment for the lifespan of the system. Other services are provided are: cable awareness programs, chart websites and port visits.

This ultimately makes Offshore Liaison of critical importance to cable owners to minimise the disruption to their system and mitigate the potential risks posed by other organisations that operate in our oceans.

Global Marine holds membership with a number of cable protection committees and is committed to being an integral player in the development of the industry as well as keeping abreast of the latest developments in cable protection.

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