Office Opening - latest update

OH will remain open today and tomorrow as presently conditions in Chelmsford are not too bad and improving. Reception will close at 2pm, and Mariners at 1pm.

Reception and Mariners are planned to be open again on Thursday, but may close early or offer a reduced service dependent on staff and supplies getting in to Boreham.

There are severe travel and weather advisories for Friday. If necessary people will be able to access OH, using their swipe, but the mariners and reception are likely to be closed. The rear car park will also be closed. If you are expecting visitors, please make them aware that reception maybe closed.

We strongly recommend that everyone keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and avoid travel into the OH office on Friday unless it is absolutely necessary, or you are comfortable that the conditions on your route to work are safe to do so. If you are travelling home, or to other parts of the UK please check the forecasts, and give yourself plenty of time to ensure your journey is safe.

Please speak with your individual manager for guidance, if you are unsure

We will continue to monitor the situation and update as required. Please keep an eye on your emails or return to this page for the latest updates.

Last Updated: Wednesday 28 February, 12:06

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