The necessity of equipment leasing

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Subsea cable operations forms one of the most demanding and difficult industries in the world, requiring highly advanced and specialised equipment capable of operating in hugely varied seafloor environments.

Whatever the hardware requirement of a marine project, the best option can often be equipment leasing, keeping costs down and ensuring the project is carried out on time and within budget.

Providers with access to specialist equipment, subsea vehicles and vessel reserves are a good choice for companies seeking to undertake subsea or underwater cable work.

With support from a specialist provider such as Global Marine Systems, a marine project is able to benefit from years of research and development, as well as extensive deep sea and coastal knowledge. For projects that are either time sensitive or operating in unknown areas, access to knowledge and equipment can be invaluable.

Equipment offered through leasing often includes Saddlebacks, Load Links, Powered Spoolers and Cable Engines - either tracked or wheeled. This equipment is often beyond the acquisition means of most smaller marine projects. ROV's and trenching equipment can also be sourced, but require a trained operator in all situations.

If a project is too difficult, using the services and expertise of a provider such as Global Marine can be a good idea. By doing so, companies gain access to project knowledge and planning experience, as well as a range of tools and equipment.

Before beginning a complicated offshore communications project, companies should consider either equipment leasing or using the full services of a subsea company.

Global Marine Systems has a comprehensive background in engineering and subsea services. The company specialises in providing fibre-based data networks for oil & gas and telecommunications cable systems, continually leading in design and engineering around the world.

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