The growing importance of permanent reservoir monitoring

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Not just oil is flowing at fields around the world. An ever increasing amount of data is being generated and analysed to help ensure oil supply is meeting demands, and operational efficiencies are being addressed on a continual basis.

As an example of the flow of data, one need only look at permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) a new method of subsea terrain monitoring designed to enhance the efficiency of oil recovery.

PRM enables a company to decrease field risk by providing a better image of the nature of subsea reservoirs during extraction operations. As monitoring equipment is constantly onsite, an oil company is able to better manage oil reservoirs throughout the reservoir's lifecycle.

Designed to improve operational costs and drilling efficiency, PRM uses permanently installed sensors to detect the properties of subsurface oil reservoirs. The technology is expected to be employed even more frequently as oil operations move to deeper waters.

The fixed nature of PRM systems, with their fibre-based data capability, results in vastly improved data communication between the PRM system and the reservoir operators and reservoir geophysicists.

Traditional towed streamers for reservoir imaging have always been less stable solutions due to their potential for inconsistent results. PRM, a 4D technology, adds the dimension of time to ensure utmost consistency and accuracy in seabed analysis.

Global Marine Systems has extensive experience with the types of smaller-diameter cable used in PRM installations, enabling the company to deploy PRM more efficiently and more rapidly, while minimising your installation risk by using specialised equipment that is optimised for the technology.

Global Marine Systems has a comprehensive background in engineering and underwater services. The company provides fibre-based data networks for oil & gas and telecommunications cable systems, continually leading in design and engineering around the world.


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