The benefits of Global Marine Systems depots

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Subsea cable and equipment depots are becoming increasingly necessary due to worldwide demand for data connections that use fibre optic cable technology. When cable ships must be deployed quickly and efficiently, having a base of operations that is strategically located is invaluable for both subsea cable installation and maintenance efforts.

With depots around the world, subsea deployments, repairs and general maintenance can be initiated in a short space of time. In a great example of the impact of depots, Global Marine Systems operates five of them in various locations around the world, each with an array of marine engineering vehicles, equipment, cables and subsea hardware.

Global Marine's storage solutions in the Atlantic are provided by the Bermuda Depot to the West and the Portland Depot in the United Kingdom to the East which is also best location for on-going developments in the North Sea.

As one of the major hubs of telecommunications, the Pacific region is home to the largest number of Global Marine Systems depots. Batam, Indonesia provides equipment handling services to Singapore and most cable developments west of the country. Batangas, in the Philippines, handles Asian cable networks with cable storage and equipment, and a depot in Canada supports the Pacific cables from the other side of the ocean.

The two depots in the Asia-Pacific region are fundamental to ongoing telecommunications growth, as cable owners often require companies such as Global Marine Systems to be able to mobilize rapidly for any needed maintenance on existing subsea cables.

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