Submarine cable market forecasts growth throughout 2016

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Submarine cables are an absolute necessity of the modern world, on par with global positioning satellites and sea freight. Without these technologies, society and communication could not easily be sustained.

Over the next few years, new submarine cables are set to be required around the world - both being deployed in areas where cables are common, and broaching areas never before attempted.

Through 2016, a combined annual growth rate of 9.87 per cent for the submarine cable market has been predicted by Research and Markets, a firm studying the trends of a number of sectors.

Growth was predicted largely as the cables are becoming increasingly necessary to interlink countries, promoting global economic growth. A previously unseen development could also be on the way, attempting something rarely undertaken.

Currently, only a few Arctic Ocean subsea cables exist, mostly serving London and Japan, as well as Arctic Circle communities. By operating cables directly across the top of the world, the need to traverse either overland or through southern oceans is mitigated. As two of the strongest global economies, links between Japan and England are essential.

One of the key drivers of Arctic cables is cutting down connection latency. When data is passed through a cable, the length determines the amount of latency on the receiving end. For example, a cable running across the United States will receive little, but a cable from the US down to Australia will have a substantial amount more.

While most users and businesses never notice the difference, stock trading does. Specifically in regards to algorithmic stock trading, a delay of a second can mean a difference of millions of dollars.

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