John Chichester at the Offshore Cabling Solutions online event in Asia

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June 2012: Global Marine Sales & Commercial Manager John Chichester participated in the Offshore Cabling Solutions online event in China and India. The event addressed the challenges and solutions for power, control, instrumentation and VFD offshore cables. John’s session explored the challenges to cabling solutions in offshore Oil & Gas projects and evaluated best-practice solutions from both a Western and an Eastern perspective. Event Speakers and topics were:

1. Moderator’s introduction

Charlotte OWEN, Editor of Oil and Gas Technology magazine and website, Cavendish Group International

2. The Western perspective on challenges in offshore cabling

John CHICHESTER, Sales Manager for Global Marine Systems Limited

  • Installation of broadband communications cables between rigs
  • Power cable installation using the flagship CS Sovereign
  • Maintenance and post-lay inspection of deep water umbilicals, trenching and power cables

3. The Indian perspective on challenges in offshore cabling

Gautam SINHA, Chief Engineer of Production for Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH)

  • Plans for further development in the Golf of Bengal
  • Challenges to cabling solutions for deep water production (+3,000 m)

4. The AmerCable Solution for offshore cabling

Tim KLAPPENBACH, Pacific Rim Sales Manager for Nexans AmerCable


  • Main benefits of the Gexol product for off-shore projects
  • The transferability of technology and know-how from Oil and Gas to renewable energy projects (offshore wind and tidal)
  • Amercable’s ability to meet customised design requirements


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