How subsea cables benefit oil operations

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

When you're charged with leading your company to greater profitability by maximising revenue while also minimising both risks and costs, and you're under constant pressure to increase output and improve safety records, look no further than subsea cables.

After all, its not just oil flowing at your offshore fields. A huge amount of data is being created, tracked and analysed, and all of that data is designed to improve operations and optimise production in one way or another.

Broadband data networks are emerging as the single most effective technology to support operational efficiencies at offshore fields. And happily, they also support improved safety and enhanced working conditions for your offshore staff.

Where radio, satellite and VSAT have been the most used method of communication between platforms and shore operations in the past, operators are now realising that bandwidth and reliability are key to efficient communications. Subsea fibre optic cables hold the answer, and provide a future-proof solution that is both highly reliable and offers substantial improvements in speed and amounts of data carried, over any alternative technology.

Subsea cabling efforts are best undertaken by expert providers such as Global Marine Systems, who have been routing and deploying cables for well over 150 years. The company has extensive experience in determining the best cable lay route and the optimal installation methodology for your cable system to ensure your risk is minimised, your costs are minimised, and your cable investment generates solid operational returns for your company. Both you and your cable will rest easy when Global Marine is involved.

Global Marine is a leading provider of engineering and underwater services, providing subsea cable installation, maintenance and burial services around the world. With a fleet of vessels and specialised subsea equipment, we bring a 160 year legacy in deep and shallow water cable operations.


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