Global Marine is to install Bali-Lombok subsea cable

This article is over a year old and as such may be out of date.

Global Marine Systems Limited announced that it has secured a sub-contract to install approximately 48 km of optic cable between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok.  The main contract of this project was signed to the turnkey solution provider Huawei Marine.

The main lay of the project will see cable surface laid between shore ends at Seraya on Bali and Senggigi on Lombok.  Cable burial will take place at the Lombok end, where the beach comprises of volcanic sand. However, the Bali end presents more of a challenge in that a thin ‘veneer’ of sand covers rock.  Thus, in order to ensure the cable is suitably protected, additional cable protection measures will be utilised.

Global Marine has begun the marine installation, and is working with a local contractor on beach operations. Here, a jet sled will be deployed to conduct burial in water up to 10 metres in depth on the Lombok side. The jet sled, which can bury cable in mud, sand and clay, will ensure the cable is submerged up to 3 metres beneath the surface of the seabed.

The project is yet another example of the strong collaborative working and co-operation between the joint venture partners, and is being served by the well proven DPS-2 Class cable lay and multi-purpose offshore support vessel Cable Innovator.  At 145 metres long, Cable Innovator has been designed and constructed to a very high standard and has the ability to perform a variety of complex subsea operations.

We are proud to again be working for Huawei Marine,” commented Ian Douglas, Chief Executive Officer at Global Marine. “This project will be the third we have conducted together this year across three continents and presents a new set of challenges that will give us the opportunity to showcase our marine engineering and shallow water capabilities.  Together we are further demonstrating our ability to handle projects both large and small, delivering subsea engineering solutions for clients around the world.”

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