An in-depth look at ROVs

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Subsea cable services are a key component in the advancement of global communications for the telecommunications and oil & gas markets. Key to these developments are the laying of subsea cables - and the vessels and machines that enable this to happen.

While vessels handle surface operations such as initial deployment and cable planning, underwater efforts are handled by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). These machines are highly capable, and able to traverse complex underwater environments in order to trench, bury, protect and recover subsea cables.

Global Marine Systems operates a fleet of ROVs capable of a variety of underwater tasks in varying degrees of ocean depth.

The XT600 trenching system can operate in 2,000 metres of water and bury cables up to 3 metres below the ocean floor. The vehicle is used to support Global Marine's cable maintenance contracts and is instrumental to the company as it supports their ability to rapidly repair any cable faults, restore cables to good working condition, and thus to ensure Global Marine provides the best quality services to the company's maintenance customers.

The 400 HP Atlas 1 and 2 have functions similar to the XT600, and are capable of diving to the same depth. Their versatile range of water jetting tools, manipulator arms, cutting tools, sonar and cable location systems enables the vehicle to find, cut, recover and reinstate cables to a burial depth of 2 metres. It has a dedicated launch and recovery system to support Atlas deployment in seas with waves up to 6 metres high.

For surveillance and operations in a variety of environments, the ST200 comes with a free swimming option in addition to quad track driving. The vessel is also equipped with six cameras and a digital sonar.

The company also uses a Video Ray, which is a dedicated micro inspection ROV. The tiny design means it can be deployed around the world as necessary, with little effort.

Global Marine is a leading provider of engineering and underwater services, providing subsea cable installation, maintenance and burial services around the world. With a fleet of vessels and specialised subsea equipment, we bring a 160 year legacy in deep and shallow water cable operations.

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