Subsea Cable Maintenance

Global Marine provides subsea cable maintenance services to almost 100 customers around the globe to keep their fibre optic cable systems operational the service is provided via maintenance agreements and private contracts.

With unrivalled expertise, an exceptional knowledge base built over the last 165 years and a commitment to advancing technological solutions, Global Marine is the partner of choice for those wanting to maximise the return on their cable system investment.

It is imperative that system downtime is minimised and that a broken segment of cable is repaired in a timely manner.  Global Marine provide a variety of maintenance options that reflect individual requirements for quality, reliability, responsiveness, dependability, and speed of repair.

Maintenance solutions are provided via consortiums or through private agreements and are tailored to the exacting need of the customer. 

Our Experience

  • With our joint venture partners we support the maintenance of nearly 400,000km of globally installed telecom cable, of a total cable maintenance base of 1,060,000km.
  • Global Marine has performed 33% of maintenance operations on fibre optic cables globally.
  • Global Marine has played a pioneering role in the development of cable repair and maintenance solutions, and is a founding member of the Universal Joint Consortium (UJC). 

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Subsea maintenance services

The maintenance consortiums that Global Marine operate in are:

SEAIOCMA - South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement

As with any cable maintenance agreement Global Marine, provide SEAIOCMA with repair, reinstatement and preventative maintenance of scheduled cables. Cable maintenance is provided from beach joint to beach joint. Global Marine has depots around the globe for storage of spare cable, plant and joint kits.

Cable Retriever is dedicated to SEAIOCMA and is based at Subic Bay in the Philippines. Batangas Cable Depot also in the Philippines provides support services.

NAZ - North American Zone

The maintenance zone covers an area from the Bering Sea and Alaska in the North to the Equator in the South and from the Americas to approximately 167º West Longitude. Wave Venture is 100% committed to NAZ and operates from a base port of Victoria, Canada.

ACMA - Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement

ACMA’s sole purpose is for the cable repair and maintenance in the Atlantic, there are 61 members drawn from the telecoms, power cable and the oil & gas industries.

Wave Sentinel and Pacific Guardian are dedicated to ACMA.  Wave Sentinel has a split base spending six months in both Portland, UK and Bermuda.  Pacific Guardian is based in Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles.

PIOCMA - Pacific and Indian Ocean Cable Mutual Agreement

PIOCMA agreement comprises of NAZ, Yokohama Zone and SEAIOCMA agreements. It provides mutual support post any natural disasters providing risk management solutions to consortium members. The last time PIOCMA was invoked, was during the Taiwan earthquake of 2006 that slowed internet traffic dramatically.  More recently PIOCMA was on alert following the Japanese Tsunami in 2011 although was not called upon.


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