Cable Engineer

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To carry out cable-engineering duties within the shipboard cable operations department, and develop into the Chief Cable Engineer role.


  • Take responsibility for the departments efficient and safe operation during the Chief Cable Engineer’s absence.
  • Organise and be responsible for the day-to-day running of the department as directed by the Chief Cable Engineer.
  • Take duties alternatively with the Chief Cable Engineer and be capable of carrying out the cable engineering requirements of the operation being performed.
  • Take responsibility of the test room and ensure that all logs, records and accounts are correctly maintained.
  • Undertake and manage the maintenance, testing and calibration of all equipment under the control of the department.
  • Take responsibility for the compilation of data and records following repairs and installation.
  • Supervise cable jointing and assess the radiographs and quality of cable joints.
  • Act as the vessels network and computer administrator and support all I.T. requirements onboard.
  • Undertake the role of DPSO during power feed operations and management of PSM’s with Terminal stations during repairs.
  • Ensure that the relevant CWPs, procedures and manuals are complied with.

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