Global Marine has an unprecedented track record in the installation of subsea cable that dates back to 1850. In the 165 years since, Global Marine has installed 300,000km of cable which equates to 21% of the world total, enough to circumnavigate the globe seven and a half times. Over this time we have developed a core base of knowledge, skills, technology, equipment and assets which provide the capabilities to efficiently and successfully plan, install, bury, store, test, find, recover and maintain subsea fibre optic cables.

Our track record of project successes includes cable installed deep within the Arctic Circle for the Uninett project in Svalbard Norway, delivering the world’s most northerly fibre optic cable system, as well as to depths of 8,500m in the Marianas Trench.

Modern Assets - Introducing the Symphony

The newest addition to our fleet, this vessel offers a cable lay spread that includes a 2,000 tonne carousel, capable of carrying up to 1,300 m3 of product and two 10 tonne tensioners, three 5 tonne tugger winches and a cable lifting quadrant with an MBR of 4 metres.

Equipped with a tracked skid our FCV 3000 ROV is able to work at a higher operational limit of 3 knots of current. The monitoring of the catenary and touchdown point is provided by 3D sonar, both from the vessel and on the tracked ROV.

With approximately 400 m² of available space aft of the cable lay spread, the Symphony is able to carry up to ten 20 foot containers of cable protection system and retains the option to carry the Q1400 Trenching System spread along with the cable lay spread.

This asset, utilising the Q1400 presents an extremely capable market solution. Combine this with our skilled in–house engineering team and our ability to execute project installation via a proven track record makes Global Marine a chosen partner by many.

The acquisition, announced on 12 October 2017, is subject to customary closing conditions, and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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