GeoCable™ GIS

GeoCable GIS services

Global Marine's GeoCable™ software product is an industry-leading Geographical Information System (GIS) developed internally specifically to meet the needs of the subsea cable industry.

GeoCable® is available to buy as an off-the-shelf package or as a bespoke solution designed to meet individual customer needs.

The package includes:

  • Intelligent software for the management and analysis of geographically referenced data
  • Quick access to over 2 million kilometres of as-laid cable data – enough cable to circle the globe 50 times
  • Databases of attributed data, adding a layer of intelligence absent from conventional charts
  • Seamless display of datasets at any scale
  • Full coordinate and distance measurement control
  • Route planning functionality
  • Integrated electronic navigation charts
  • The flexibility for users to easily add other GIS databases or create their own
  • The ability to integrate data from numerous sources and formats

Our Experience

GeoCable™ is supported by our experienced and knowledgeable staff who have worked closely with numerous high profile customers worldwide, including:

  • British Telecom
  • Global Cloud Xchange
  • NEC
  • Vodafone

Find out more about our GeoCable services:-

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