Equipment Hire

Underwater cable installation equipment hire

Global Marine has a longstanding reputation as being a leader in the installation and maintenance of subsea cables maximising protection and minimising risk for customers around the globe.  As a result, we have built up a broad range of subsea equipment that supports offshore operations.

We are committed to investing in subsea technology, this ultimately means that our extensive range of equipment is capable of working in the most demanding conditions and offers some of the most advanced technical solutions in the industry.  Our portfolio of equipment is available for hire dependent on existing project commitments.

For any enquiries about subsea equipment hire, please contact our sales team:-

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We offer

  • Submersibles: ROVs, ploughs and burial tools
  • Load Monitoring: saddlebacks; running line monitors and load links
  • Powered Spoolers: under roll stands and direct drive spoolers
  • Cable Engines: tracked engines and wheeled engines
  • Cable Working Equipment: grapnels; shackles; rope and chutes
  • Universal Joint equipment
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