Charting Services

Charting services for subsea cable installation

Our Global Cable Routing Services team also provides:

Cable Awareness Charts

It is extremely important to provide as laid details of cable systems to the relevant authorities in the form of cable awareness charts/flyers. This helps to ensure that fishermen, anchoring, vessels, dredgers and other marine users are aware of the location of these important assets and avoid damaging them.

We can either produce individual charts for issue by the client or post them on a dedicated website.  Please click here to view one of our cable awareness sites (

Customised GIS:

  • Survey data from CAD based survey charts
  • Burial verification surveys
  • Integration of legacy data - old paper and film based charts can be digitised and integrated into our customised GIS GeoCable™

Installation Charting:

  • Production of installation north-up and alignment sheets, burial graphs
  • Conversion and maintenance of as-laid charting into a seamless GIS database

Services Available

  • Overview/location maps
  • Detailed planning charts
  • Detailed route position lists and cable crossing lists
  • Landing site diagrams, seismic activity charts
  • International territorial boundary charts
  • Geo-referencing of aerial photographs and satellite images

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