Cable Route Services

  • The benefits of Global Marine Systems depots

    Subsea cable and equipment depots are becoming increasingly necessary due to worldwide demand for data connections that use fibre optic cable technology....

  • Protecting subsea cables

    The safe - and constant - transmission of data is of the utmost importance in today's world. From board rooms to living rooms, fast, reliable and secure...

  • IT growth to require use of subsea cables

    IT expenditure is climbing as more and more priority is placed on deploying internet dependent technology solutions in companies around the world, and...

  • Submarine cable market forecasts growth throughout 2016

    Submarine cables are an absolute necessity of the modern world, on par with global positioning satellites and sea freight. Without these technologies,...

  • How the permitting process of laying a subsea cable works

    The permitting process for a subsea development may seem daunting, but companies with a history in this field - such as Global Marine Systems - can make...

  • The growing importance of permanent reservoir monitoring

    Not just oil is flowing at fields around the world. An ever increasing amount of data is being generated and analysed to help ensure oil supply is meeting...

  • What's involved in subsea services?

    Continued growth in global communications - the need for data and telecoms services - is putting hefty demand on international data and communications...

  • A brief history of Global Marine Systems

    Subsea cabling has been around for well over 150 years, with original development stretching back into the 1850s. The history of this industry is one with...

  • How subsea cables benefit oil operations

    When you're charged with leading your company to greater profitability by maximising revenue while also minimising both risks and costs, and you're...

  • Planning the deployment of a subsea cable

    Reliance on technology and communication networks continues to grow globally, requiring investments in support infrastructure and auxiliary services. Subsea...

  • How fibre optic cables can benefit offshore oil fields

    Working on offshore oil & gas platforms used to mean cutting off communication from the mainland for months at a time, operating independently with...

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