Cable Trenching

Trenching expertise delivered by capable assets and teams

Solutions that include engineering support, project management and capable assets, all delivered by a proven team with an extensive track record.

Our high performance trenching systems enable us to undertake projects which require precise installation in challenging seabed environments. The Q1400 is able to perform jet trenching on subsea pipelines, cables and umbilicals in soils of up to 100KPA. Additionally we can also perform mechanical chain cutting in soils of up to 250KPA. The Q1000 has 1,000 horse power of total installed and variable jetting power, capable of trenching pipelines, umbilicals and cables to depths of 3 metres.

The Q1400 is extremely adaptable and can uniquely transfer from jetting to cutting modes whilst at sea without craneage, avoiding the need to return to port for system changes. It consists of a common trenching module and separate tracked jetting and mechanical cutting skids, with a customised launch and recovery system (LARS) approved by Lloyds Register, able to work up to sea state 6.

The Q1400 system is capable of free flying in jetting mode and operating in water depths of up to 3,000 metres. It has 1,475 available horsepower with two 400KW high-pressure pumps up to 15Bar and 2,000 cubic metres per hour. Two additional 150KW hydraulic pumps provide low-pressure water and hydraulics. The system also has the capability to deploy an additional backwash or eduction tool as well as a tool to create backfill in soft clays.

Rigid Pipelines – Jet trenching for rigid pipelines with diameters up to 900mm. Pipelines can be buried to depths up to 3 metres, providing protection from trawling and other risks. Rigid pipelines benefit from better stability as well as insulation.

Flexible pipelines – Jet trenching or cutting for flexible pipelines, providing protection from fishing and other risks. As with rigid pipelines, trenching provides improved stability and insulation.

Control Umbilicals – Jet trenching or cutting for control umbilicals, providing protection from fishing and other risks. A trenched umbilical is more stable on the seabed.

Subsea Cables – Jet trenching or cutting for various types of cables, providing protection from fishing and other risks. Trenching also provides cable stability, preventing movement on the seabed.

Capable assets delivering precision installation and trenching in harsh seas and challenging seabed conditions 

  • Trenching of cables, rigid & flexible pipelines and umbilicals
  • Providing maximum protection of assets
  • Proven success in offshore renewables and oil & gas projects
  • Project support at all stages, from planning to final survey and as-built report
  • Engineering, project management and trenching delivery
  • Q1400 and Q1000 jet trenching systems
  • Q1400 jetting mode max product diameter - 900mm, max trench depth - 3 metres
  • Q1400 cutting mode max product diameter - 250mm, max trench depth – 2 metres
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