Cable Records Services

Cable records service company

The importance of records management

We collect data throughout the installation stage of every
project - data that remains in a state of flux, with several changes over the project's life. The value of any installation record lies in the integrity of that data and it is vital that they are kept up to date and reflect these changes.

Taking on the burden of records management for your organisation

We offer a complete records management service which ensures records are updated in an accurate and timely manner following a cable repair. This removes the burden of records management from our customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Records updated include:

  • Route Position Lists (RPLs)
  • Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs)
  • Installation charts
  • Cable fibre maps
  • Chromatic dispersion management
  • GIS databases
  • Cable awareness charts

Our Experience

Global Marine has a wealth of experience with numerous records management customers worldwide, including:

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