Cable Engineering Training

Marine cable engineering training

Global Marine’s Training School has been delivering cable engineering courses to students from around the world for many years. Companies are able to send delegates to the outstanding facilities at Global Marine’s headquarters in Chelmsford, UK, or alternatively our trainers are able to deliver on-site training at a customer’s own premises.

It is acknowledged across the industry by cable ship operators and those with interests in maintaining submarine cables the importance of having competent staff who are well informed and trained in the latest cable engineering techniques. This is essential when operating either on board a cable ship or at any of the cable stations that may be involved during a cable repair or installation.

For cable maintenance authorities Global Marine also offers a range of courses at varying levels designed to provide awareness training, or a broader understanding of cable engineering from the cable repair process from a ship perspective. Training can be tailored to suit precise customer requirements. 

Global Marine also offers a range of courses designed to cater varying abilities and focused on gaining a greater understanding from a cable repair perspective. Example courses include:

  • Terminal Power Safety Officer Training and Certification
  • Terminal Station Operator Training – DC and Optical Testing
  • Testing Appreciation Course

Clients can also place delegates on Global Marine’s shipboard representatives familiarisation courses. These provide participants with the necessary resources for sailing with the cable ship as a maintenance authority’s representative during a cable repair.

Global Marine has an exceptional range of facilities that students can use whilst training including: an on-site power feed equipment room for delivery of training on ship power feed systems, which is capable of delivering 10kV at 2A; DC cable test sets as used by ships and terminal stations in assessing fault locations and optical test equipment for repeater testing

Global Marine’s commitment to continual improvement is evident and whilst the training is available for external parties it is used for maximum benefit internally.

For more information on any of the courses mentioned above or to have a conversation about bespoke training solutions please:-

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Global Marine offers cable engineering training from initial entry level to advanced cable engineering topics. A list of courses available are noted below:

  • Preliminary Cable Engineering
  • Protection Grounding Unit
  • Ships Power Safety Officer
  • Power Feed Equipment (PFE) Operation
  • UJ Joint / X-Ray Assessment
  • Optical Transmission
  • Testing and Analysis
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