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Case Study

Cable Innovator and C.S. Sovereign work together to deliver platform connectivity in the North Sea

Global Marine was contracted by Allseas for the marine installation works for the Breagh ‘A’ Development Fibre Optic Cable Installation.

The cable system provides capacity for the Breagh ‘A’ platform, which incorporates approximately 102km of fibre optic cable which was installed from Coatham Sands, Teesside to the Breagh ‘A’ Platform. 38.5km of which was buried, providing appropriate cable protection for the prevailing seabed conditions.

Cable Innovator

CS Sovereign

Services Provided

• Beach Operations – Landing cable through HDD
• Pre-lay survey
• System installation
• Trenching, both simultaneous and consecutive
• Comprehensive surveys including laid, trenched, backfilled and built surveys
• Functional testing of the cable
• Cable Risk Assessment

Main Installation

• Vessel: Cable Innovator
• Location: North Sea
• Length: 102km
• Subsea equipment: Excalibur ROV, Falcon DM ROV, Hi-Plough

Platform Pull-in

• Vessel: C.S. Sovereign
• Location: North Sea
• Subsea equipment: Atlas ROV

The project took place between August 2011 and October 2011 with the final ‘pull in’ to the platform conducted in 2012 by C.S. Sovereign.

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